Web design is more popular than ever, and with new design trends emerging here at DEEPBLUE, we thought it was a good time to share some of the hottest aesthetics on the market right now. Not only are we up to date on the market changes, but we are ready and able to produce designs that take these new design features and use them for your benefit.

We know that building a website can be hard, especially when it comes to choosing the right design. Let us help you to create a website that reflects the personality of your business whilst using the latest design trends to keep you at the top of your game.


1 – Black and White

Monochrome was the buzz word last year with many web designs featuring one color throughout their entire site. 2020 has arrived, and more people are now asking for sites that are purely black and white. These colorless designs are striking and allow firms to emphasize their product without the distraction of color.


2 – Enormous Fonts

Typography will feature more on this list later but for this one you can expect to see more websites make use of huge font sizes. They are typically used to share brand names or item names and run across photos to help you make a statement that will keep your name in the customer’s mind.


3 – Geometry in Focus

Last year we saw a rise in fluid shapes that took us on a journey. However, 2020 has started with geometry in mind, and the return of these shapes and lines seems set to stay for the year. Geometric designs are impactful and appear slightly retro, making your brand a talking point.


4- Animations

Animation has long been a firm favorite in web design, but the newest sites are making use of animations that are triggered by the user’s interaction with the site. Not only does this personalize a user’s experience, but it makes them an active user when they get to your site, meaning they are less likely to scan and go.


5 – Vintage Typography

Lots of businesses are working to engage their audience by using vintage themes and fonts. This choice offers a sense of security to users as they are able to recognize and reminisce, making them more open to accepting a new idea or product. This use of vintage typography is set to stay now that people realize the marketing potential it holds.


DEEPBLUE Knows the Market

When it comes to these hot new trends, the team here at DEEPBLUE is ready and willing to use them when designing your site. In fact, many of the new trends follow the work we have completed, making us proud web design trendsetters. If you want to get your hands of a site that is innovative and designed beautifully then give us a call, we’d love to work with you.

Andrew Slade

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