Overview of services.


All successful marketing campaigns can be improved upon, and analytics is the key to achieving this objective. Analytics provides critical analysis and understanding of website data that allows web marketers to make necessary changes to optimize the performance of a website. Analytics provides the right tool for organizations to better understand their position in the marketplace and to assess and approve the effectiveness of their web presence and marketing strategies.

Our analytics experts work closely with you to increase traffic to your website, lower advertising costs and increase customer acquisition. We work with the most powerful marketing and analytics software for SEO, social and PPC tracking and analysis, which may also help organizations better understand their  traditional print and advertising campaigns. We conduct keyword research and competitive analysis to better understand your keyword strategy. We will review the performance of your website for traffic, top entry and exit pages, pages-viewed-per-unique-visitor, inbound and outbound traffic, referrals, web standards compliance, ADA compliance, cross-browser compatibility and mobile device compatibility. Our monthly analytics reporting will demonstrate and improve the effectiveness of your SEM campaigns and website performance.

Our full suite of analytics services include:

Website traffic analytics
Advertising analytics
Social media analytics

Web standards compliance
ADA compliance
Mobile device compatibility

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