WordPress is one of the best and easiest ways to begin with a website, regardless of the nature of your business. You may be tempted by the many standard templates which are available and certainly at first glance there would seem to be plenty of options.

However, once you’ve spent a bit of time researching, you’ll discover that there are serious limitations in using what is offered in the standard packages. While you’ll get a quick website, you won’t achieve half of what you want, and you’ll inevitably be disappointed. Not to mention, your customers won’t be impressed by a website that doesn’t draw them in.

Whether you’re having a website refresh or starting out from scratch, opting for a custom WordPress design is by far a better option. Here’s a look at the benefits you’ll reap from choosing a custom WordPress site instead.

Stand Out From the Competition

In the modern world, every business has a digital presence, so simply being online won’t put you ahead of the competition. Getting your voice heard in a crowded marketplace can be challenging so you’ll need your website to really promote the uniqueness of your brand.

Whether it’s entirely eCommerce, a non-profit, or a growing startup, your website should instantly convey to customers just why you’re different – and why they should choose you. If you have a WordPress theme which is simply run of the mill, your target market will have a hard job telling you apart from the competition.

Allow your brand to stand out and be distinctive with a website that customers will remember. Dispense with the ordinary templates and choose a custom design and watch those website metrics start to sing!

Creative Freedom

Having a custom site isn’t just about being different from the competition, although that certainly helps. It’s also about being able to fully capture your vision for your business and being authentic.

Using a custom build on your WordPress site means that you can take your creative expression for your business and see it come to life in the digital world. Whatever ideas you have, allow them to be properly captured rather than diluted as part of a weak template design.

Branding is such an important part of success. This means your site should capture the details that set you apart and makes your company unique within the design and layout. A custom design ensures you have the complete freedom to present your brand as you would ideally want.

Benefit from Expertise

Of course design and website narrative matters, plus it’s essential to have your website optimized for both desktop and mobile devices…but security is critical too.

By choosing experts such as DEEPBLUE to build you a custom WordPress design you’ll have the benefit of years of experience in the industry as well as protection against known problems.

Templates can easily be broken, and glitches and bugs can cause your site to look unprofessional and insecure. A custom site will work flawlessly and offer the customer an immaculate experience from start to finish, reflecting well upon the professionalism of your business.

Try the Development Experts at DEEPBLUE

DEEPLBLUE is based in San Francisco but offer all kinds of innovative and creative custom website designs to businesses all over the US. Harnessing our expertise and knowledge of digital trends, you’ll discover just how magnificent it is to dare to be different.

Call us today to talk about your website needs:

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